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Veterinary Internal Medicine

Our Cincinnati veterinary clinic offers diagnosis and consultation for a wide variety of internal medical conditions in dogs and cats, from lung disease to brain disorders. 

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What is Internal Medicine?

Veterinary internal medicine involves diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of animals' internal systems – including conditions related to nervous system disorders, tumors, endocrine conditions and gastrointestinal disease.

Consultation & Diagnosis 

Combining our extensive veterinary experience with a variety of diagnostic tools in-house at our Cincinnati hospital, our team can assist with the evaluation and diagnosis for internal medicine cases.

Specialist Referrals

If your pet needs a procedure or expertise that we do not offer in-house, we will refer you to an experienced veterinary internal medicine specialist near Cincinnati.

We are connected with a network of exceptional veterinary specialists in Cincinnati and throughout the area.

Veterinary internal medicine in Cincinnati

Internal Medicine Conditions

Internal medicine conditions include the following:

Laboratory & Diagnostics

Internal medicine consultations for dogs and cats are supported at Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic with testing, imaging and other diagnostic procedures. 

Our in-house veterinary lab is equipped with the technology to assist in the diagnosis of your pet's internal medicine condition so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

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